The first thing a meeting planner will do before they offer you a contract is click on your YouTube videos to see you in action. Clips are a great way to develop your brand, reach out to new clients and also to better refine your speeches. Watching yourself on the small screen will tell you a lot about your bad habits! Take a look at some video clips from professional speakers and see how you measure up.

Strong Introductions

Patricia Fripp has a great video about introductions that also serves as the introduction to her speech.

Tracking Your Hits To Improve Your Career

Award winning speaker and humorist Jeanne Robertson found fame and fortune in an unexpected, and at first, unwelcome place. Without Jeanne’s permission, an audience member had uploaded one of her best stories to YouTube. At first Jeanne was furious: she felt violated that someone gave away her signature story that took her years to develop. Then something amazing happened. Jeanne’s video went viral. Over six million baby boomers emailed it to each other. Here’s the thing about YouTube: you can track what city your hits are coming from. Jeanne then turned her hilarious motivational speech into a one-person show and took it to those cities. The results? Jeanne plays to sold-out houses where people actually beg her to tell the YouTube story. Here’s her clip, enjoy!


Coming Soon! Examples of speaker’s video introductions.

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