How to Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Storefront

As a speaker, you will need the ability to "ring up" a sale wherever you are. Here are two apps that can help you do just that;


What It Works On: Your iPhone, Android, iPod, and iPad

How It Works:You can download the app from iTunes or the Android Market. Square then ships you a card reader that attaches to your device. Once you have the reader, just tap the app and follow the instructions. You can sign in at to view payments made and accepted, or to organize receipts.

What It Costs: The reader is free. The app is free. There are no monthly fees. Swipe charge is 2.75 percent. If you enter credit card numbers manually, it’s 3.5 percent, plus 15¢ per transaction.

Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal

What It Works On: Your iPhone, iPad, certain iPods, Android, and Blackberry.

How It Works: You must apply for a GoPayment merchant account. Once approved, you download the GoPayment application onto your phone or access the online version on your phone’s mobile browser. You receive a free credit-card reader, but you also have the option to use other compatible readers, listed here at an additional cost. In either case, you have online access to all receipts, which you can text or email to customers.

What It Costs: There are two plans. No setup or monthly fee but swipe charges vary.

How to Turn Transcribe Your Notes

Coming soon! A list of inexpensive services that will transcribe your audio notes and e-mail them to you.

Recommended iPhone Apps

iPhone apps can make your life as a motivational speaker soooo much easier. Here are a few cool ones!

Speakpad (opens and reads documents)

Yelp (reviews for anything and everything in any city you may work)

Keynote and Keynote Remote (add visual components to your speech and then operate the slides using your phone)

Audible (listen to your favorite books while traveling)

HootSuite (manage all your social media in one place)

Dropbox and Dropvox (speak into Vox and it goes immediately into Box)

Flight Tracker (most up to date info on your flights)

Google Translate and Google Voice (translations and transcription services)

Ignition (access to your computer files from remote locations)

World Card (scan a business card while you're standing in front of the person)

Constant Contact or MailChimp (keep your fans informed via newsletters)

Sleep Cycle (an alarm clock for traveling)

Glympse (so your clients can track your travel progress)

Making Your Slides Visually Funny

Even if you can't afford to use Brian Walter's services, his website is really informative and helpful about ways to make your visual presentations more exciting. Brian is the founder of Extreme Meetings Inc. He is a communications consultant, speaker, infotainment expert and multi-media producer. In 2009 and 2010, Brian expanded his services to include dynamic PowerPoint production, motion graphics video production, and consulting and visuals production for webinars. Visit his site: