You no longer need a demo reel to get your own radio show, you just need a microphone, a computer and some really compelling interviews to establish yourself as a podcaster. If you know nothing about podcasting, consider this a primer then Google search the topic for even more helpful hints.

Step one: Choose a publishing site. You can publish podcasts using iTunes or a blogging site like Blogger, any site that allows you to upload audio files. Each site will explain how to upload files to their specifications.

Step two: You'll need a computer with audio recording software and a microphone, or a digital audio recorder with a microphone. Many cell phones also record audio files.

Step three: Write a script in advance. Don’t just wing it. Plan out what you want to say and then record the podcast in short sections so if you blow a line, you don’t have to rerecord the whole thing.

Step four: Don’t use music without permission. There is free music available on Creative Commons and FreeSound.

Step five: Transfer the audio files to the computer and edit using software like GarageBand for Macintosh or Audacity for Windows. Instructions and online help for the software are available on the websites.

Step six: Upload to your publishing site.

Step seven: Drive traffic to your podcast by reaching out to your Facebook friends, on Twitter, start a newsletter reminding people that you have a podcast page.